The begining

Our story began with a simple idea while we were living in Mozambique - Africa, inspired by the sadness of the death of relatives, for the pleasure of going out on a summer night, to share moments with friends on a fabulous sunset beach without the hassle of bugs always present. But mainly, to CONTRIBUTE TO A BETTER WORLD.



Because the world is facing a problem!

What´s special about WEEBAZ?

We use nanoparticles of silica with dimensions around 150nm and incorporate an active agent named IR3535 that acts as repellent to insects through their olfactive sense.
IR3535 is the perfect component because is odorless to humans, not irritating for the skin and most important:

 Our laboratory tests proved that IR3535 can repel insects up to 40cm distance of the impregnated area and resists more than 80 industrial washes (after 80 washes 60% of the repellent remain in the object in all tests - tested on cotton fabric).

This way, we aim to prevent mosquito-borne diseases such as: Malaria, Dengue, Zika virus, Chikungunya, Yellow Fever, Nilo Virus and other skin irritation caused by insects bites.
Tests made prove that beside mosquitoes, our technology can repel other insects such as: flies, bees, wasps, lice and fleas. 

Our tests were realized by:

 Our active agent IR3535 is approved and recommended by: 

The Founder - Wilma Gonçalves

An engineer that decided to live each moment the most.
Passionate by travelling and getting to know other cultures, as well as getting the most out of family and friends. 
Oriented to people and their way of life.
Born in Mozambique and living in Portugal. 
At the age of 33, she considers herself too young to just " let it be ", but old enough to find a way to contribute to a better world.